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The Cost of Not Passing the Exam the First Time

1. Re-Examination Fee
An applicant who does not pass the exam must pay $37.00 to reschedule and retake the exam each time.

2. Time
In addition to a financial consequence, an applicant will wait additional time to reschedule their exam due to availability. Perpetual fails also result in a loss of momentum and excitement in their new career field.

3. Loss in Confidence
Lowered confidence is often achieved when a student does not pass their exam. Such discouragement results in a loss of test precision and information retention.

4. Possibility of relinquishing the career
A student unable to pass may consider changing careers as they view the exam as a barrier of entry.

What is the Exam Prep Intensive?

During this full-day Exam Prep Intensive (EPI) for either the Life Agent or Fire & Casualty Exam, students can expect to be fully immersed in exam question updates and course material, which will result in passing the first time! With the use of “Accelerated Learning Techniques” students will grasp and retain more information. We cover test taking techniques and strategies that will keep you focused on passing the exam. We also review key concepts, updates from the exam, 300 – 400 practice questions & answers, and set you up with the right mindset.

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Ensure You Pass the Exam the First Time!

By popular request, we now offer a full-day Fire & Casualty Exam Prep or Life Agent Exam Prep Intensive for those who need more assurance in passing the state exam. This course is specifically designed for you to pass the exam the first time or the next time you take it. Please note: this course does not replace the state pre-licensing requirements.

Who would benefit from the Exam Prep Intensive?

Attention online students or those with challenges passing the exam! Statistically, students completing the prelicensing requirement online are not adequately prepared to take and pass the exam the first time or those having difficulties passing require a total immersion in the materials to get them over whatever is getting in their way of passing the exam; therefore, we have developed the EPI.

We recommend those who completed the requirement online to bookend online training with our exam prep. Take the course while you are in the process of completing the online training and then a second time prior to sitting for the state licensing exam. Remember: “Repetition is the mother of all learning!” Prior to sitting for the EPI, we strongly encourage each student to have their application filed and exam date scheduled.

Quick Learning School helps you keep the momentum going. We will:

Assist and instruct you on the insurance licensing application process.

Schedule your exam. (If this has not already been done so)

Create a plan of action that will get you through the licensing process quickly.

Help you with any questions or concerns. Simply call or email us.

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